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02 August 2021
B. Robles
B. Robles


Today I’m launching this new website and bidding farewell to my WordPress blog. Yay! My brother encouraged me to have my own website, and he has helped me A LOT! Actually, he is the webmaster. This new website will be bilingual, so both Spanish and English-speaking followers can read my posts.

I have a new logo as well! I think this cat paw holding her own pawprint stamp represents really well the idea behind the name of my web in a very funny way. By the way, if you’re curious, you can find why I named my blog Ink & Paw Prints here ūüėČ

Today also is my 5th anniversary as a cardmaking blogger!! You can read my first (which is kind of a presentation) here, but I thought this is the right post to share some not-crafting-related facts about me. So let’s go!

  1. My name is Beatriz, I’m 37 years old, and I live in Donostia (Spain) with my husband Aitor, our baby Mikel and our two cats Sakura and Grumpy.
  2. I’m a physicist, and I have a Ph.D. in liquid crystals, which is the cool material you can find inside lots of displays, from old calculators’ or digital swatches’ to today’s smartphones’.
  3. Besides crafting, my other hobbies are reading and video games. I love a good SciFi or fantasy novel, but I read almost everything I can get my hands on. Some of my fav books are The Princess Bride by William Goldman and Kim by Rudyard Kipling. Concerning video games, I’m a sucker for point-and-click adventure games (isn’t Monkey Island the best video game ever??) but enjoy RPGs and arcade games as well.
  4. I love to travel. For the last ten years, I’ve traveled to many countries, and I can wait for this pandemic to end to travel to many more.
  5. I really really love Japanese culture. I admire Japanese people so much! I love how they pay close attention to details and make the most quotidian thing very beautiful and precious.
  6. I enjoy watching live music, and it was something we used to do very often before the pandemic.
  7. I love a good cup of filtered coffee. My other ‘bad habits’ are craft beer and bean-to-bar chocolate.
  8. I’m a very shy and introverted person. I avoid crowded places, and I don’t like to be in the spotlight.
  9. I’m an animal lover. I’ve always wanted to have a cat, and finally, when I was 30, we adopted Luci. Sadly she left very soon. Shortly after, Sakura and Grumpy arrived at our lives, and we don’t know what it’s like to get a good night’s sleep anymore.
  10. I’m a morning person. I prefer to wake up early to get everything done as soon and possible and enjoy me-time in the evening. Also, I love to sleep, and I can fall asleep almost everywhere.

I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit more about me. I’d love to read some facts about you too, so please, leave me a comment!

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Thank you so much for stopping by! Have an amazing day!


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