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Milestone Cards for my Baby III

08 December 2021
B. Robles
B. Robles


So long since my last post! We’ve been very busy at home: we remodel our kitchen and bathroom, and the past two months have been too hectic. Furthermore, Mikel has turned one in the middle of the redo works (btw, my hubby has also blown candles those days), and it’s been a challenge to make something special for him.

Anyways, today I’m sharing the last batch of milestone cards I made for Mikel. I can’t believe how beautiful my boy is! He is growing up so fast, and I feel so lucky to be with him every day to see all the changes.


These stamps are perfect for summer. I love that the colors I used in the card match the shorts my SIL tailored for Mikel.

As you already know if you’ve read my previous posts (here and here), before starting this project, I selected the images for each card to be consistent with the month/season it was for. Today I’m showing you the 9-month to one-year-old cards, corresponding to July to October months. I’m using mainly Purple Onion Designs stamps designed by Stacey Yacula, with some other ones to help set the scenes.


In this card, I stamped the background in clear blue ink because I wanted the water lines to be subtle. Then, I traced the rest of the image with a calibrated pen.

The cards are in Basque, so hilabete means month, and urte means year. If you are interested in the supplies I used to stamp the words and the numbers, you can check this post. The images are colored using Zig Clean Color Real Brush markers, and I used Distress Inks to color the backgrounds. Also, I used a white gel pen and a Sakura Stardust glitter pen to add some details.


In this card, I masked the owl to remove the scarf he wears in the stamp.

Making simple scenes has been very difficult, and I feel I’ve added more and more as I made the cards, but it’s ok because I love how they turned out.


I knew I wanted to use this cute mouse holding the prize ribbon for the one-year card.

And that’s a wrap! I have a bitter-sweet feeling about this project. I love how it turned out, I loved taking all those pictures to see how Mikel has changed in his first year, and I’ve enjoyed sharing these with my family and friends. I also feel relieved. After all, sometimes it has been a little bit stressful finishing them on time to take the picture because it was hard to find time and/or inspiration to make them. But, on the other hand, I feel so sad because I can feel how the sand of the hourglass is running through my fingers, and I just want to freeze time and enjoy this stage a little bit longer. I guess all the moms and dads feel the same.

Well, I hope you like these cards!!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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